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1st-Nov-2013 06:36 pm - Wheel of Time Re-Read
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Last January, I finished reading the newly released final book of Wheel of Time.

In February I started a Re-Read of the entire series (including the prequel). Tuesday night, after 9 months, I finished reading book 13 and have started in on the final book once more. A few more weeks and I should be done.

It has been so much easier to read through the series on the Nook vs. lugging around the Hardcover editions :)
16th-Jan-2013 12:21 am - A Memory of Light
pic#93086709 - Fantasy/Books
After 20+ years, I have reached an ending.
I just completed reading the end of the final book of The Wheel of Time.
30th-Jan-2011 12:26 pm - 2011 Arthritis Walk - Detroit Zoo
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After participating in the Bike MS event last fall, it seemed only fitting that I should also consider participating in an event to help a cause which hits even closer to home.

So this year trebligz and I have formed a team to participate in the Arthritis Walk at the Detroit Zoo on May 14th, in honor of our daughter and her fight with Arthritis.

We are looking for people willing to join our team, as well as to make a donation on our behalf to help us reach our fund raising goals, and support the Arthritis Foundation - Michigan Chapter.

You can get more information about the event, join our team, or make a contribution by checking out our team site at http://tinyurl.com/AbigailWalk

Click Here to Donate

pic#73739829 - Hmmm
Saw this article... it applies pretty directly to Abigail.

Rejection Inflammation | Stress Inflammation | Arthritis Today Magazine
    "A new study finds that being rejected in social situations increases proteins that drive inflammation. The findings suggest that stress may play a key role in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis." By Arthritis Today Magazine

I think its been pretty obvious in Abby. Stress makes the inflammation worse. I'm glad she is out of the school she was in last year. Every time she'd go back to school, she'd end up stressed out, and her Arthritis or RPC would flare up (or she'd catch something and end up sick, which added to the stress).
26th-Oct-2009 07:24 pm - Wheel of Time
pic#93086709 - Fantasy/Books

Woo, got confirmation from Amazon.com that my copy of The Gathering Storm has shipped!

14th-Sep-2009 11:15 am - David Eddings
pic#93086709 - Fantasy/Books
Fantasy writer David Eddings passed away this year back on June 2nd of this year.
It prompted me to go back and re-read some of his works, so shortly after I heard about his passing, I pulled book one of the Belgariad series, Pawn of Prophecy, off my bookshelf and began reading. As the summer went on, I completed the the five books in that series and went on to read sequel series, the Malloreon. I just finished the 5th and final book of that series last night.

If you are in to fantasy epic stories, I think you'd enjoy these books as well. They are not quite as sophisticated, as the Lord of the Rings (Tolkien) or the Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) series (looking forward to book 12 of WoT coming out later this fall). The Belgariad & Malloreon are light and fairly easy to read, with a good amount of humor mixed with the action and suspense, I'm glad I picked them back up, instead of just letting them collect more dust.
5th-May-2009 09:35 pm - What Room of the House Are You?
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You Are the Living Room
You are laid back and casual. You can have fun in almost any situation.
You believe in being easy going. Life's hard enough, and you're not going to make it any harder.

You are sociable and friendly. You welcome almost anyone into your life.
You are completely unpretentious. You prefer living in a comfortable home to living in a showy home.
13th-Mar-2009 06:31 pm - What Flavor Cupcake Are You?
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You Are a Mint Chocolate Cupcake
You are whimsical and quite quirky. You are unlike any other person you know.
You are drawn to similarly offbeat people from all walks of life.

You are like a cupcake because you're unique and expressive.
You have a refreshing take on the world. You're often surprising... even to yourself.
12th-Mar-2009 01:21 pm - What Body of Water Are You?
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You Are a Bay
You are a blissful, peaceful person. Some might call you spiritual.
You are easy-going and tranquil. You take solace in life's sweet moments.

You are sentimental and open-hearted. You love many people, places, and things.
You try to live an enlightened life. You are benevolent, noble, and intuitive.
23rd-Jan-2009 03:11 pm - Demotivation
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You've all probably seen those motivational posters trying to boost peoples morale, or whatever. There is another way of looking at the world too... Check these out:

14th-Jan-2009 04:55 pm - Detroit
pic#73739829 - Hmmm
I got this forwarded to me in an email.

Detroiters carry on amid all the hardships

Its an article by sports writer Mitch Albom about Detroit.
Although it is a bit lengthy, I found it really worth reading.
8th-Jan-2009 04:45 pm - Ole & Sven
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A little Michigan humor I came across today ...

Ole and Sven die in a snowmobiling accident, drunker than skunks, And go to Hell.

When they arrive, the Devil observes that they are really enjoying themselves. He says to them 'Doesn't the heat and smoke bother you?'

Ole replies, 'Vell, ya know, ve're from nordern Meeshigan, da land of snow an ice, an ve're yust happy fer da chance ta varm up a little bit ya know.'

The devil decides that these two aren't miserable enough and turns up the heat even more. When he returns to the room of the two guys from Meeshigan, the devil finds them in light jackets and hats, grilling Walleye and drinking beer.

The devil is astonished and exclaims, 'Everyone down here is in abject misery, and you two seem to be enjoying yourselves?'

Sven replies, 'Vell, ya know, ve don't git too much varm veather up dere at in Meeshigan, so ve've yust got ta haff a fish fry vhen da veather's dis nice.'

The devil is absolutely furious. He can hardly see straight. Finally he comes up with the answer. The two guys love the heat because they have been cold all their lives. The devil decides to turn all the heat off in Hell.

The next morning, the temperature is 60 below zero, icicles are hanging everywhere, and people are shivering so bad that they are unable to wail, moan or gnash their teeth.

The devil smiles and heads for the room with Ole and Sven. He gets there and finds them back in their parkas, bomber hats, and mittens. They are jumping up and down, cheering, yelling and screaming like mad men.

The devil is dumbfounded, 'I don't understand, when I turn up the heat you're happy. Now its freezing cold and you're still happy. What is wrong with you two?'

They both look at the devil in surprise and say, 'Vell, don't ya know, if hell iss froze over, dat must mean da Lions yust von da Super Bowl.'
6th-Jan-2009 08:56 am - precious metal
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You Are Silver

You are a flexible person. Being open to opportunities in life has served you well.

You are very polished and sophisticated. You're probably in a higher class than you were born into.

You are naturally popular and quite influential. You are a bit of a trend starter among people you know.

And while you are well liked, you don't let it go to your head. You remain contemplative and wise.

23rd-Dec-2008 11:36 am - Cookies!
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You Are a Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie

You are a social, friendly, caring person.

You are good at helping people. You have a very giving heart.

You are a natural teacher or counselor. You get value from making someone's life better.

You are trustworthy, and a natural problem solver.

18th-Dec-2008 05:03 pm - June 2051
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heart attack

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